Is Being Mom A Career?

Is being  Mom a career?  If you’ll consider the time, effort and money that you have to spend, then it’s a yes!  Putting a heart into it, that makes a big difference.  It’s the greatest job ever!!!

It all started the day I found out I was having a baby.  Nine months of carrying it wasn’t that easy.  I have to be careful with everything that I do.  From the food that I have to eat, time of sleep , numerous vitamins that I have to take and not to mention seeing an OB gynecologist most of the time just to check on the baby’s progress.  Though it was kind of tough, but it brings joy knowing that the baby’s okay.  I still can remember when the expected date is fast approaching.  I started to feel nervous, butterflies on my stomach, pain and excitement.  Those were mixed emotions a first time mother would feel.  Then finally, the baby was born.  A healthy baby boy!!!  I felt relieved.  When my eyes met him, the joy was unexplainable, unidentifiable.  Tears started to fall down my eyes.  At last, my love, my pride, all was paid off.  The feeling was hilarious and I was so overjoyed that I haven’t thought of the responsibilities it brings. 

First few days were quite tough.  I was already asking myself, “Can I still do it?”, “I am strong enough to handle such little thing?”  Then, reality has to be “I can do this!” “I am stronger for I know the Mighty and most powerful one gave me this blessing because He knew it was best for me.  It will bring out the best in me.  What made it easier was having a family who loves you most through your ups and down. 

I know the journey has just begun, and there will be no end to it.  It’s an endless love and joy!!!