Judge How Good is Your Sitter?

When hiring a babysitter you will find that most sitters will be kind and gracious with you. The problem is that you have to leave you kid alone with the sitter and most of the times the baby is too young to tell his/her experience with the sitter and so you are left wondering how good the sitter is in your absence.

Short of having to install cameras in your house to judge the efficiency of the sitter, most parents are at a loss about this aspect. Below are some pointers that’ll help in this scenario –

  • Comfort of the child- The comfort level of the child is the best yardstick to measure the quality of care that the sitter provided to your kid. Now while it is natural for children to run to mommy once she comes home and cry when she leaves, these very same kids will give smiles to the sitter and wave goodbye to her when she leaves. If the child seems almost scared of the sitter and does not want to interact with her at all, this could mean some trouble.
  • Condition of the child – Another great way to judge if the sitter worked for your baby is to see the condition of the child. If the kid freshly diapered, cleaned up and looking well fed and happy, this is an indication that things went well. On the other hand if the child is cranky and messed up, you may want to look at other sitters.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to judge the quality of care given to your baby by the sitter while you were away. If you’re looking for a good sitter service read a good overview of the service here.