Judge How Good is Your Sitter?

When hiring a babysitter you will find that most sitters will be kind and gracious with you. The problem is that you have to leave you kid alone with the sitter and most of the times the baby is too young to tell his/her experience with the sitter and so you are left wondering how good the sitter is in your absence.

Short of having to install cameras in your house to judge the efficiency of the sitter, most parents are at a loss about this aspect. Below are some pointers that’ll help in this scenario –

  • Comfort of the child- The comfort level of the child is the best yardstick to measure the quality of care that the sitter provided to your kid. Now while it is natural for children to run to mommy once she comes home and cry when she leaves, these very same kids will give smiles to the sitter and wave goodbye to her when she leaves. If the child seems almost scared of the sitter and does not want to interact with her at all, this could mean some trouble.
  • Condition of the child – Another great way to judge if the sitter worked for your baby is to see the condition of the child. If the kid freshly diapered, cleaned up and looking well fed and happy, this is an indication that things went well. On the other hand if the child is cranky and messed up, you may want to look at other sitters.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to judge the quality of care given to your baby by the sitter while you were away. If you’re looking for a good sitter service read a good overview of the service here. 


Mommy Savings Tip: Envelope

Back when my better whole and I were still on our engagement days, we took the 7 weeks Pre-Marital Counselling. One Major topic is about FINANCES. As we patiently, wholeheartedly and painstakingly (almost 5 pages back-to-back questionnaire) answered our take-home task, we still came to the session eager to learn more from the experts. By the way, talking about those questionnaires, we still have them and we read them every once in a while. We had a good laugh about how we answered; so far away from what is real now. I mean in a better way I guess. We also plan to share our answered questionnaires to our children in the future. My better whole and I would love to tell them how God wrote our love-story.

One practical idea that I managed to apply now that I am married is the Envelope Method.


All budget allocations for monthly expenditures must have one envelope each with labels. An envelope for payments for electricity, water bills, credit card, groceries, baby stuffs, tithes and offerings, food, household assistant’s salary and so on and so forth. I made lists or categories of the things that we need to spend for. Each envelope must be sealed except for food- we open it on a daily basis- but it is divided into four weeks.

If the budget falls short, there is no way I can touch the other envelops unless there are surplus after all the bills are settled. If there is no excess, then I need to ask additional money from my better whole but it comes with detailed explanation. Hence, the “Touch Me Not” policy is strictly being enforced.

The only time I came short of the monthly budget was when my better whole was away for an international trip and he forgot to leave for the payment for the repairman’s services. Touching other envelopes has domino effect – I have to open other envelopes whenever bills are due. The only envelope that will surely hit the superfluous sack is the allotment for Food. I only cook or buy cooked meal during lunch for me and our nanny since my better whole is at work and my son’s food have different budget.

Envelopes can be purchased on online stores; school supplies sections or do-it-yourself way. Here is a link that will serve as a guide for cash envelope template and tutorial. It is not only easy to follow but you can have your own design or use a different kind of paper.


Remember the policy well- “Touch Me Not” and you will always be on the right track.

Is Being Mom A Career?

Is being  Mom a career?  If you’ll consider the time, effort and money that you have to spend, then it’s a yes!  Putting a heart into it, that makes a big difference.  It’s the greatest job ever!!!

It all started the day I found out I was having a baby.  Nine months of carrying it wasn’t that easy.  I have to be careful with everything that I do.  From the food that I have to eat, time of sleep , numerous vitamins that I have to take and not to mention seeing an OB gynecologist most of the time just to check on the baby’s progress.  Though it was kind of tough, but it brings joy knowing that the baby’s okay.  I still can remember when the expected date is fast approaching.  I started to feel nervous, butterflies on my stomach, pain and excitement.  Those were mixed emotions a first time mother would feel.  Then finally, the baby was born.  A healthy baby boy!!!  I felt relieved.  When my eyes met him, the joy was unexplainable, unidentifiable.  Tears started to fall down my eyes.  At last, my love, my pride, all was paid off.  The feeling was hilarious and I was so overjoyed that I haven’t thought of the responsibilities it brings. 

First few days were quite tough.  I was already asking myself, “Can I still do it?”, “I am strong enough to handle such little thing?”  Then, reality has to be “I can do this!” “I am stronger for I know the Mighty and most powerful one gave me this blessing because He knew it was best for me.  It will bring out the best in me.  What made it easier was having a family who loves you most through your ups and down. 

I know the journey has just begun, and there will be no end to it.  It’s an endless love and joy!!!